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The SwissPKD association is collecting comprehensive information on the disease, its effects and its treatment and making this information available to those affected. However, we also count on the support of the public in order to generate funds for research and to cover our costs. We therefore invite you to join SwissPKD today!

SwissPKD is recognised as an association of public benefit and all donations are entirely tax-deductible. 

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Individual members CHF 100
Students CHF 25
Families CHF 150
Collectivities* CHF 200 - 10'000

* Subscriptions will be fixed by the Committee in each case.

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Join SwissPKD or send us a donation

SwissPKD gathers comprehensive information about the disease, its effects and its treatment options, as well as fostering research with the goal of curing the disease.


Interactive ADPKD Patient Route Map

The Route Map answers all important questions about ADPKD and contains recommendations on topics such as genetics or family planning.


Videos of persons concerned

Life with ADPKD: Patients stories.