All about SwissPKD

An association based in Switzerland, SwissPKD promotes

  • PKD research
  • Self-help for patients and their families
  • Networks
  • Public information

SwissPKD was founded in December 2010 as an association to defend the interests of patients with congenital polycystic kidney disease in Switzerland.

SwissPKD is the link between national and international PKD research and thereby ensures that its members have access to a world-wide exchange of information and activities.  SwissPKD is a member of the PKD International Alliance - a union of PKD-patient organisations throughout the world.

The association encourages patients to help themselves by exchanging information and setting up networks of those affected by the disease.

Public awareness of the needs and interests of PKD patients and their families is being stimulated.  The disease affects more than 10,000 persons in Switzerland, which makes it by far the most common hereditary disorder.

United we stand!  We are engaged in a dialogue with the partners of those who determine health policies -  the promoters of biomedical research and patient-partner organisations - in order to strengthen awareness of the needs of PKD patients and their families.  We support research aimed at developing an effective therapy for persons suffering from PKD;  we also publish information on the current status of research.

SwissPKD is supported and advised by eminent scientists engaged in PKD research.

It is the Swiss platform for patients and their families, scientists and the public;  it informs the media and politicians about the disease and its treatment options, as well as the concerns and needs of PKD patients.

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Daniel Muntwyler

Daniel Muntwyler

Christoph Willi

Dr. Christoph Willi

Flavia Galletti

Flavia Galletti
Projects and Marketing

Scientific Advisory Board

Andreas Serra

Prof. Dr. Andreas Serra
Klinik Hirslanden

Prof. Dr. Olivier Devuyst

Prof. Dr. Olivier Devuyst
Universität Zürich

Pierre-Yves Martin

Prof. Dr. Pierre-Yves Martin
HUG, Genf

Prof. Dr. Michel Burnier
Universitätsspital Lausanne

Irene Koneth

Dr. med. Irene Koneth
Kantonsspital St. Gallen

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SwissPKD gathers comprehensive information about the disease, its effects and its treatment options, as well as fostering research with the goal of curing the disease.


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