COVID-19 and ADPKD - recommendations

During the last weeks we have received several requests regarding COVID-19. First of all, the FOPH formally states that all patients with high blood pressure and chronic diseases are generally risk patients. Accordingly, ADPKD patients also belong to the risk group. We therefore recommend the following measures:

  • Avoid situations that are associated with an increased risk of infection.
    Stay at home if possible.

  • Follow the recommendations of the FOPH.
    These include in particular disinfecting your hands and keeping your distance.

  • Strengthen your immune system. 
    You can do this by getting enough sleep, doing regular exercise (low to medium intensity) or going for walks. You can also try food supplements such as vitamin C in rather high doses (1-2 g/day), zinc (approx. 20 mg/day), echinacea or colostrum.

  • Keep taking your medication.

  • In case of urgent medical problems, contact your family doctor, specialist or hospital (in a first step by telephone).

 We also recommend the following article: Entwarnung für die in Verruf geratenen Blutdrucksenker, NZZ, May 7th 

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